Maurice Hermans
is a Dutch artist


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Soundtrack De Antistad

AUW - video Hydrofloating (2023)
The question of balance is something
that’s very delicate. 

By AUW (Altered_Undefined_Waveforms)
Gert-Jan van Stiphout
Serge Kreso
Lars Ickenroth
Maurice Hermans

Recorded in 2022 in basement Ølmo1 
Mixed in 2023 in Carbon 6

Video: Sergej Kreso
Vocals: Maurice Hermans

© 2023
"Tramping like mad...Full power...Tramping like hell here...I can't see much and the water's very bad indeed...I can't get over the top...I'm getting a lot of bloody row in here...I can't see anything...I've got the bows up...I've gone...”

AUW - EP ‘Flur 13’ (2022)

AUW (Altered Undefined Wavefoms) is an interdisciplinary music project consisting of producer Subp Yao, film director Sergej Kreso, artist Lars Ickenroth and Maurice Hermans. Featuring Goya van der Heyden and Merlijn Huntjens.

Their first EP Flur 13 recorded in the German woods of the Sud-Eifel, before the floodings. 

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Puttylolian - Be iDVW (2020)

In 2019 producer Puttylolian debuted, age 11, with the jumpy track Touwtjespringen. Some months after, he tragically passed away leaving behind a collection of tracks, snippets, beats and piano compositions.

In close cooperation with Dutch producer Subp Yao, Be iDVW was released after a succesful crowdfunding campaign, exactly one year after his passing.

Video Nu METEEN!:
Marijn Vanderheijden