De Antistad
Pionier van kleiner groeien

author: Maurice Hermans
︎ nai010 uitgevers
︎ ISBN 978-94-6208-286-1 ︎ June 2016 ︎ design: Piet Gerards Ontwerpers ︎ Dutch ︎ 17 x 24 cm 

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The Antistad shows that the Dutch city of Heerlen is no exception. Illustrious examples such as Detroit (USA), Wolverhampton (GB), Herne (GER), Genk (BE), Essen (DE), Scranton (USA) tell their own story, but struggle with the same issues: the dramatic consequences of economic and demographic decline. Decades of growth pushed these phenomena to the background and raise the question: how do we grow smaller? How do we built cities smaller?